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Crochet roses

July 19, 2017

The Earth laughs in flowers - Ralph Waldo Emerson
 Just looking at flowers brings joy and put a smile on our faces. So what to do when you can't grow them?? you make them of course! I made some crocheted roses recently and really loved it. They are simple and not time consuming. Here are some of the pictures...

You can find the free pattern on how to crochet these roses in here

I turned some into bookmarks with tassels at the end (inspired by pinterest)

This rose will make a lovely embellishment for crochet headbands (Unfortunately my little one hates to wear any headbands) Guess i can make hairclips out of them and use it myself :)

Handmade flowers are just as special as real ones, aren't they?

Hope you all are having a wonderful week. Happy crafting!


DIY headphone holder

July 11, 2017

Hello lovely people! can't believe we are halfway through 2017 already! It's summertime and most of my Instagram feeds are loaded with summer themes and watermelon comes on top of it. Be it a food, toy or accessories, watermelon theme is seem to be on rage now. I think the vibrant colors of watermelon clearly depicts the radiance of summer. So here's a little Diy on how to make a watermelon headphone holder.

Materials Needed:
Acrylic yarn in red and green colors
Crochet hook according to the size of your yarn
Black and pink felt pieces (for eyes) or embroidery thread.
Snap fastner

sl st- slip stitch
dc - double crochet
ch - chain

(With Red yarn)
R1: In a magic ring, chain 3 (count as dc) and 11 dc and sl st at the top of chain 3 (12)
R2: Ch 3 and dc into the same stitch and 2 dc in each of the stitch and sl st at the top of ch 3 (24)
R3: ch 3 and dc in the same stitch and *dc in next stitch and 2 dc in next st* rep ** and join with sl st at top of ch 3 (36)
R4: ch 3 and dc in the same stitch, *dc in next 2 stitch and 2 dc in next* rep** and join with sl st at top of ch 3 (48)
R5: ch 3 and dc in same stitch, * dc in next 3 stitch, dc inc in next * rep ** and join with sl st at top of ch 3 (60)
R6: ch 3, dc in the same stitch, *dc in next 4 st, 2 dc in next stitch* rep ** and join with sl st at top of ch 3 (72)
(Switch to green color)
R7: ch 3, dc in the same stitch
, *dc in next 5 st, 2 dc in next st* rep ** and join with sl st at top of chain 3 (84)

Cut a small round of black felt for eyes and little seeds
Embroider the mouth and add a blush with small pink felt
Sew in the snap fastner inside of the crocheted piece

Your headphones are now ready to  be placed in the new watermelon holder. I'm sure this holder will avoid the headphones from getting tangled and will make your life a little easier. It's easy to carry on your bag too.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY. Have a fabulous day everyone!

bullet journal

Bullet journal: June

June 29, 2017

Hello lovely people! The monsoon season has started here and we've been getting some decent rainfall lately. The weather is nice and cold which makes me wanna stay in bed and read a good book whereas my little girl hates being confined inside and wants to go out and play. Finally we both would settle to sit nearby the windows and relish watching the rain drops forming ripples in the puddle and the soft rain drenched surroundings. How is it out there? I guess it's the start of summer in most part of the world. Are you guys enjoying the summer so far?

Here's a peek into this month in my bullet journal. I try to squeeze in journal and crafting in the little time i have after my daughter sleeps. So i use lots of pictures and washi tapes to decorate. I did managed to draw a little here and there.

 How do you guys prefer to decorate your journals? I love little adding sketches and quotes. I mostly use color pencils but would like to try on watercolors. Which medium do you prefer to use on journals/ sketchbooks?

Hope you guys enjoyed a little peek into my journal. Wishing you all a happy summer! 

crochet watermelon


June 23, 2017

Hello lovely people. This month is going pretty good for me so far.  How about you? So i thought why not make a litte list of what i've been doing this month..

Cooking: Masala Sandwiches
Making: crochet tiny watermelon slices
Reading: My not so perfect life by Sophie Kinsella
Listening: to 'Old friends' by Jasmine Thompson

Obsessing: over Korean dramas (it's addictive)
Watching: the Heirs (K-drama ofcourse)
Bookmarking: This beautiful Magnolia mandala
Loving: this adorable amigurmi doll by Yun shu

Reminiscing: Our recent trip to Circular fort near Kanniyakumari.
Looking: For my  little girl's shoe
Discovering: our dog bite that shoe (which was thrown out from the window by my little one obviously)
Marveling: at how my little girl has grown up in a year

Wishing: i have more time for crafting.
Realizing: there's only a few days before my college starts.
Dreading: how am i going to do my masters degree after seven years gap
Craving: for my mom's pineapple kesari

Feeling: grateful for all the blessings Lord has bestowed upon our family.
Enjoying: the change of climate after a hot summer.
Have a fantastic day everyone! Cheers and hugs :)

A little love everyday!