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Amigurumi Alpaca free pattern.

December is finally here! it's my most favourite time of the year. I should be making some crochet ornaments and gifts for Christmas but all i could think of is making alpacas! i suddenly had this insane urge to make them and still pondering over what colours should i make them next. This is a quick and easy project and make a great gift for alpaca/ Llama lovers. Read below for instructions.

Pastel pusheen Amigurumi pattern

Do you like cats? I'm not much of a cat person but they hands down take the lead when it comes to cuteness. It's hard not to love these fluffy little furballs with big adorable eyes. I really loved making this chubby cat that i couldn't stop at just one. Let's see how to make these adorable chubby cats.

Amigurumi potato free pattern!

Most of my inspirations to make amigurumis come from Pinterest and Instagram. Recently, i've been seeing kawaii potatoes everywhere and can't seem to get it off my mind. I tried making an ami version of them with different expressions and happy with the way they turned out. It's a perfect project for beginners as you don't have to attach any pieces and very less sewing involved. 

Crochet Succulent free pattern

Do you love succulents? if yes, then this tutorial is just for you. You can adorn your home with these beautiful crochet succulents and make them in various sizes too.. More importantly, you don't have to water them and they won't die on you :) Read below for instructions.