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Pumkitty pie pattern

Pumpkin season is officially here! I always relate October with pumpkins and cozy weather. Being from a tropical region, we don't get to witness much of autumn in it's full glory. But we do enjoy the slight drop in temperature which is very hot and humid otherwise. Here's a cute little Pumkitty pie pattern for you guys to make this season more delightful.

Amigurumi Mexican doll pattern

I recently reached 15 k followers on Instagram and 500 sales on Etsy! Thank you so much for your constant support and encouragement. I started my crochet journey here as a blogger and i'm ever so thankful to my blogging friends for sticking with me all these years. Here's a small thank you gift from me to all you wonderful people out there who makes my amigurumi journey worthwhile!

Catching up!

Making amigurumi is my forte and I rarely make anything other than that. So when i got a request for a baby set, i had no clue where to start. With a little help and suggestions from my fellow crocheting friends, i was successfully able to make my first crochet baby set. 
The base for the above baby shoe was made using Croby patterns . I have added a little bear applique for a cute look.

I also made this bear lovey as a part of the set and happy with the way it turned out.

There are some days when all i wanna do is crochet and some days i feel like not picking up the hook at all. I constantly waver between these two state of mind. I journal occasionally during those times. Most of the pages in my journal are incomplete but a fully written or designed journal page (even if it's just a single page) makes me so happy. Here's a spread for this month in my journal.

 I'm trying to concentrate more on pattern designing this year and wish to publish more patterns in my Etsy shop. I recently published a new bunny pattern. You can get this and all other patterns for 20% discount from my Etsy shop till the end of August. 

It's been 5 month since the first lock down due to COVID was implemented in our country. With growing number of cases each day, i doubt this lock down will be over soon. Guess we have to adjust to the new normal now. How's the situation in your place. Stay safe everyone wherever you are :)

Macrame inspired crochet rainbow!

There is a rainbow of hope at the end of every storm.
Who doesn't love rainbow, right? A rainbow is a symbol of hope for a better tomorrow. The world is facing a tough crisis right now and hope is much needed to get through this hard times. Let's make a crochet rainbow today to lift up our spirit and to remind ourselves that storms don't last forever. I'm sure gifting this mini rainbow to your loved ones will cheer them up too. Read below for instructions on how to make it.