September 21, 2016

DIY rose earring

Hello friends! I'm up here with yet another jewelry tutorial (yes, i seem to make them a lot lately) I love experimenting with different colors and beads and came up with this rose earring. These are made with Acrylic beads which is more suitable for earrings as they are light in weight. Here's the instruction on how to make them.

Materials needed:
Plastic rose beads (2 in number ) from Pandahall
Plastic leaf beads ( 2 in number )
Eight pearl beads
Beading wire
Earring hooks

Take a beading wire of length 15 cm
Place a plastic leaf bead in the centre of the wire and fold the wire in half
Add a rose bead through both the wires
Now add 4 pearl beads through both wires
Finish it off by adding a earring hook at the end.
And your rose earring is done!

Hope you like the tutorial. Have a fantastic day everyone! Cheers and Hugs :)

September 12, 2016

DIY Blue necklace

Hello lovely people. I'm here with another tutorial in collab with  Pandahall on how to make a simple yet elegant beaded necklace.  See below for instructions.

Materials needed:
Round transparent Seed beads in blue colour
Transparent glass beads in blue colour
small rounded bead in silver colour
Jewelry clasps
Beading wire

Take a beading wire of desired length.
Add a barrel clasp at one end followed by blue seed beads.
Keep adding seed beads till you reach just before the middle.
Add silver bead and transparent blue glass beads alternatively three times.
Add two silver beads. This is the middle part of necklace.
Add blue glass bead and silver bead alternatively 3 times
Now add blue seed beads again tillthe end of your beading wire.
Make sure the seed beads you've added on either sides are of equal length.
Finish it off by adding barrel clasp at the end.
Your necklace is now ready to wear. Hope you like it. Have a fantastic day! cheers:)

August 30, 2016

Sea themed necklace

Shells, pearls, starfishes, blue waves... well, don't they remind you of beautiful sea?? I had some bunch of beads in different shapes and colors which i thought would make a lovely sea themed necklace. This necklace is perfect for little girls as they are light weight with cheerful colors.

Here's the step by step tutorial on how to make them

Materials Needed
Acrylic Beads of shapes stars, shells from Pandahall
Cat eye beads in blue color
pearl beads
Small rounded silver beads
Beading wire
Barrel clasps

Step 1: Take a beading wire of desired length and add a barrel clasp at one end.
Step 2: add in cat eye bead followed by star bead, silver bead, star bead and a cat eye bead again.
Step 3: add in shell followed by pearl and another shell.
Step 4: repeat step 2 and 3 till you get the desired amount of length.
Step 5: finish it off by adding barrel clasp cap at the end.
Your sea themed necklace is done.

Hope you guys like it. Happy crafting:)

August 28, 2016

One Lovely Blog Award

I was given one lovely blog award by the wonderful Anna from Annasimplecrochet She has a very captivating blog that focuses on crafting. I also love her delightful pictures of flowers from her garden. Don't forget to check out her charming blog.

Here are the rules:

7 facts about me:
I'm a shy, introverted person.
I love having talkative people around me.
I find crafting and listening to music therapeutic
Afternoon naps are absolutely necessary for me.
I would like to visit Japan one day.
I'm a stationary junkie.
I love reading books.

I nominate the below beautiful blogs for this award:
Mousimi Roy's Luv for krafts
Lavina Agarwal's Life's little treasures
Safal's SafalArts 
Shami's My craft works

Happy crafting friends:)

August 15, 2016

Simple pearl bracelet tutorial

Hello all! A very happy independence day to my fellow Indians. I still remember waking up early and heading over to school with a little flag on my uniform for flag hoisting ceremony in my childhood years.
Well, moving onto crafts, i made this simple pearl bracelet recently using supplies from Pandahall . This is a perfect beginner project and you can finish it off in no time.

Here's a step by step instruction on how to make this bracelet

Materials needed:
Glass pearls in colors ivory and peach
Rhinestone bead spacers
Beading wire
Lobster clasps and jump rings
Crimp beads.

Step 1: Take a beading wire of length 30 cm.
Step 2: start by adding a lobster clasp and crimp bead. Now add ivory color pearl followed by  a bead spacer.
Step 3: Now add peach color pearl followed by another bead spacer.
Step 4: repeat steps 2 and 3 till you get the desired length of bracelet.
Step 5: Finish it by adding a crimp bead and jump ring. Cut off the excess beading wire.
The pearl bracelet is now ready to wear.

Hope you guys like it. Have a wonderful week ahead :)