A new beginning..

 Hi friends! hope you all are doing good. I'm happy to inform you that i've got a new website. I'll be posting free amigurumi patterns there from now on. 

I created this blog around 2012 as a creative outlet and to showcase my craft works. I've gained lots of good friends from all around the world here.  This is where my creative journey started. 

My interest started to focus mainly on amigurumi and i have posted many free patterns here. This blog made me confident about my work and soon i started selling amigurumi and patterns on Etsy.

Thank you so much for all the love and support you have provided me here. This blog will always remain close to my heart. I hope you'll continue to support me in my new journey too. Do subscribe and follow my new website https://littleloveeveryday.com/ . This is definitely not a farewell as i'm hoping to see you and interact with you all in my new blog as well.  

Keep in touch. Stay blessed. 

Much love, 



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