Sea themed necklace

August 30, 2016

Shells, pearls, starfishes, blue waves... well, don't they remind you of beautiful sea?? I had some bunch of beads in different shapes and colors which i thought would make a lovely sea themed necklace. This necklace is perfect for little girls as they are light weight with cheerful colors.

Here's the step by step tutorial on how to make them

Materials Needed
Acrylic Beads of shapes stars, shells from Pandahall
Cat eye beads in blue color
pearl beads
Small rounded silver beads
Beading wire
Barrel clasps

Step 1: Take a beading wire of desired length and add a barrel clasp at one end.
Step 2: add in cat eye bead followed by star bead, silver bead, star bead and a cat eye bead again.
Step 3: add in shell followed by pearl and another shell.
Step 4: repeat step 2 and 3 till you get the desired amount of length.
Step 5: finish it off by adding barrel clasp cap at the end.
Your sea themed necklace is done.

Hope you guys like it. Happy crafting:)

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  1. I am a piscean and I love anything theamed WATER. The necklace is gorgeous and those star and shell beads are wonderful!

  2. Beautiful necklace Anitha. The beads are lovely and the color are eye catching.

  3. Such a beautiful creation Anitha :)) And a big thanks for nominating me for the lovely blog award .....Take care...