DIY Blue necklace

September 12, 2016

Hello lovely people. I'm here with another tutorial in collab with  Pandahall on how to make a simple yet elegant beaded necklace.  See below for instructions.

Materials needed:
Round transparent Seed beads in blue colour
Transparent glass beads in blue colour
small rounded bead in silver colour
Jewelry clasps
Beading wire

Take a beading wire of desired length.
Add a barrel clasp at one end followed by blue seed beads.
Keep adding seed beads till you reach just before the middle.
Add silver bead and transparent blue glass beads alternatively three times.
Add two silver beads. This is the middle part of necklace.
Add blue glass bead and silver bead alternatively 3 times
Now add blue seed beads again tillthe end of your beading wire.
Make sure the seed beads you've added on either sides are of equal length.
Finish it off by adding barrel clasp at the end.
Your necklace is now ready to wear. Hope you like it. Have a fantastic day! cheers:)

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  1. Lovely! You're a really talented crafter! xx

  2. Beautiful Necklace. Colours are so pleasing.

  3. Love the necklace and the earings too ! They are so delicate !
    Have a lovely day !

  4. A beautiful necklace, love the colour.

  5. Both the necklace & the earrings looks gorgeous !!!

  6. The blue color of this necklace is so appealing that I cannot control my urge to buy it instantly. Thank you for sharing the picture of it.