DIY rose earring

September 21, 2016

Hello friends! I'm up here with yet another jewelry tutorial (yes, i seem to make them a lot lately) I love experimenting with different colors and beads and came up with this rose earring. These are made with Acrylic beads which is more suitable for earrings as they are light in weight. Here's the instruction on how to make them.

Materials needed:
Plastic rose beads (2 in number ) from Pandahall
Plastic leaf beads ( 2 in number )
Eight pearl beads
Beading wire
Earring hooks

Take a beading wire of length 15 cm
Place a plastic leaf bead in the centre of the wire and fold the wire in half
Add a rose bead through both the wires
Now add 4 pearl beads through both wires
Finish it off by adding a earring hook at the end.
And your rose earring is done!

Hope you like the tutorial. Have a fantastic day everyone! Cheers and Hugs :)

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  1. That earring is so pretty!! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. They are really pretty, a great make.

  3. These are beautiful i would wear these as all your jewelry you make its stunning!!!

  4. Wow! beautiful i like that...
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