Catching up!

Hello all! i'm slacking off from my blog these days and i really want to catch up with it. I miss posting here but believe me i've been making lots of amigurumis lately. I'm just lazy to edit the photos and post them. Guess i should spend some quality time for blogging every week.

Here are some of the amigurmis that i made recently..

Aren't Axolotls the cutest sea creatures! They are called sea monsters but i think they look really cute with their smiley face.

I really loved seeing pictures of unicorn macaroons made by many in Instagram. You can find the free pattern to my Unicorn macarons here

And finally.. this caticorn seems to be fan favorite.
All of these cuties are available in my Etsy shop
Happy spring everyone :)


  1. They are so cute:) As always, your creations are very sweet.
    Good that you found time to post, there is no point waiting for time, we just somehow need to steal it:D

  2. How lovely to visit you and see some more gorgeous amigurumis fashioned from your clever imagination. All are so very pretty.

  3. So pretty :) Love your works :)

  4. Adorable !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Hola! Quiero felicitarte por tu maravilloso trabajo, es realmente increíble.
    Quiero aprovechar para comentarte que el axolotl no es un animal marino, es una especie endémica de los canales (agua dulce) de Xochimilco en la Ciudad de México, su nombre poviene del nahuatl y significa «ā» -atl- = agua, «xōlōtl» = animal de piel lisa: "animal de piel lisa de agua"). De cualquier manera el tuyo está bellísimo y me enamoré de él!����❤
    Gracias por tu compartirnos tu trabajo! Saludos