giveaway prize

Snail mail and a surprise!

October 26, 2016

Once when i was tidying up my room, i came across a box containing letters and cards that i received from my friends and family during my childhood days. After finishing school, Internet, Mobile phones and texting becomes so common that i rarely send or receive any mails through post. Looking back at those handwritten letters and beautiful cards nostalgia hits me hard and wonder why don't we write to each other anymore. So i started the habit of writing letters to my friends and some new pen pals. It's such a wonderful feeling when you get to open a long awaited mail from your pals.
Here are some mails that i received recently.

A cute letter along with tea and washi samples from an Indonesian friend

Some Heidi Swapp foiled cards, stickers and embelishments that i received from a giveaway contest in Instagram.

Beautiful fabric bag, yarn and some beads to make jewelry from my blogging friend Joy

and finally the giveaway price from Tammy of T's daily treasures The package consisits so much goodies and i loved everything. She also sent a cute little dress for my little one and i really loved the cross stitch magnet apart from the lovely crocheted items she sent. Thank you so much Tammy:)

If you are interested in snailmailing, You can find pen pals easily on instagram under the tag snailmail, penpalswanted.  Now off to write some reply letters. Have a wonderful day all:)

colorful coasters

Crochet coasters

October 18, 2016

Hello friends, hope you all are doing good. Having a little baby around means the only time you get to spend for creating or crafting is while she's asleep. Here are some pictures of crochet coasters that i managed to whip up during those times.

I really loved the flower coaster pattern. It's a free pattern from A spoonful of sugar if you like to make one. 

It's perfect to place my mom's delicious Gulab jamun....

..... or to place steaming hot tea that i enjoy in cold rainy days.

I even made some for my snail mail buddies and they loved it.

Hope you like it. Have a wonderful day all. Much love :)

amigurumi panda

Amigurumi Panda free pattern

October 07, 2016

Hello lovelies! Thanks for all the love you've shown to my Amigurumi teddy pattern. It's a joy to see people make amigurumi dolls out of that pattern and inspires me to create more. Today i'm here with a panda couple pattern. Head over below for instructions.

Materials needed:
Acrylic yarn in black and white colors
Crochet hook according to the size of your yarn
Little piece of black felt (for eyes and mouth) and pink or red felt (for bows)

Tapestry needle

This project is worked in continuous rounds unless stated otherwise
sc -single crochet
st- stitch
dec- one single crochet decrease
sl st - slip stitch

Head and body:
R1: 7 sc in magic ring (7)
R2: 2sc in each st (14)
R3:  *sc in next st, 2 sc in next st* rep **(21)
R4: *sc in next 2 st, 2sc in next st*, rep ** (28) 

R5: *sc in next 3 st, 2sc in next st*, rep ** (35)
R6-10: sc in each stitch (35)
R11: *sc in next 3 st, dec 1 in next st*, rep **(28) 

R12: *sc in next 2 st, dec 1 in next st*, rep **(21) 
R13: *sc in next st, dec 1 in next st*, rep **(14) 
stuff the head firmly with fiberfill and switch to black color 
R14: sc in each stitch (14)
R15:  *sc in next st, 2 sc in next st* rep **(21)
R16: *sc in next 2 st, 2sc in next st*, rep ** (28) 

switch to white color
R17-18: sc in each stitch (28)
R19: *sc in next 2 st, dec 1 in next st*, rep ** (21) 
R20: This step is optional. If you want a rounded body skip to R21. If you want your panda to sit then sc in back loops of each stitch (21) 
R21: *sc in next st, dec 1 in next st*, rep ** (14) 
stuff firmly
R22: sc dec in each st (7)Fasten off.

Legs: (Make 2)
R1: 7sc in magic ring (7)
R2-3: sc in each stitch (7)
fasten off  and leave a tail for sewing

Hands: (Make 2)
R1: 5sc in magic ring (5)
R2-3: sc in each stitch (5)
Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Ears: (Make 2)
R1: 6sc in mc 

R2: 2sc in each stitch (12)
R3: sc around (12)
Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Attach both hands and legs to the body using tapestry needle.
Sew in both ears to the head.
Cut and paste a small black felt for eyes and nose in the head. 

Add a little felt or crocheted bows to the head (for female panda) or neck (for male panda)

Hope you guys like it. Have fun creating :)