August 09, 2015

Hello friends!! I was so happy to see the Baymax amigurumi pattern  that i posted last month got some attention and many posted their lovely Baymax photos made using this pattern in Ravelryfacebook page and instagram. Thank you all :)

 I haven't been much productive lately. All i did was to watch anime shows and read books. Well, at least they were entertaining. When i'm in no mood for anything, i'll take my sketchbook and draw whatever comes to my mind.


This couple amigurumi doll was requested by my friend to present to his fiance last valentine's day ( sorry for posting this too lately ^_~ ) Many asked for the doll pattern and i'm gonna post the tutorial in my next post. So keep watching my space. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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  1. Very very beautiful creations Anitha. Waiting for your pattern.

  2. Love your sketch, very cute!!:) sweet amigurumi couple!!

  3. I've been through a non-productive period too, untill last week, when I finally found the strive to do something crafty again... guess it's fairly normal, sometimes we need a rest from our busy creative minds! : )

  4. You are amazing at sketching Anitha. they are all so lovely. Even this lil cute doll