More clay charms...

November 24, 2014

Time flies by so fast and there's only two weeks left before i travel to India for vacation. My brother's wedding is on December and i'm so excited that i'd get to see my family and relations. I'm spending most of the weekends buying gifts for them and still there's some more shopping to do. Have to whip up some phone pouches and felt key chains for my cousins too before that.

Here's what I've been making this week..

The pikachu and bunny charms are made using Fimo Airdry clay but polymer clay would be more suitable for this. The tutorial can be found here and here.

Colored the doodle in my sketchbook and here's how it turned out..

Wishing you lots of beautiful moments with your loved ones.. have a great week ahead :)

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  1. How exciting for you to travel to India for your brother's wedding, and the charms are darling.

  2. Lovely,so sweet!
    Happy and good vacation!!

  3. Cute charms!!:) your sketchbook looks like a printed paper. How long does it take to fill this much onto the paper?
    Enjoy your shopping for the wedding !

  4. beautiful clay models. As preeti said it is like printed one. Enjoy your special moments.

  5. Your charms are really cute, and I love how your sketchbook turned out, it's amazing!
    No wonder you're excited about the wedding and seeing your family, some happy times ahead! : )

  6. Cute little charms !!!
    Have a nice week !

  7. The charms are wonderful friend! And happy travels to you in the weeks ahead! I love that sign up there!!!! All the best to you! Nicole xo

  8. lovely charms. so cute they are. I want to try too. you sketchbook is amazing. I love the designs and the colours you have used. looks like printed, it doesn't feel like handmade at all, so perfect. You use something as reference or just draw what ever comes to your mind?
    Enjoy your shopping!
    Btw I thought about you when I was stuck in Abu Dhabi airport for more than 10 hours during my transit. :-)