Taking stock: 001

August 31, 2014

Inspired by Pip from Meet me at mikes, I've decided to take stock every month. It's a fun way to list what's going on with your life at the moment... i love when people make lists although i never made one (except for grocery list, that is). Here goes my first try at it..

Cooking : Roti and chole masala.
Drinking : Apple juice.
Admiring : this beautiful Daisy granny square pillow from Dada's place.
Making : More felt plushies.

Reading : 'Loving Mr.Daniels' by Britainy C.Cherry.
Listening : 'Arms' by Christina Perri.
Wanting : a good sewing machine.
Looking : at my old photos and feeling nostalgic..
Deciding : to exercise at least 15 minutes a day..
Enjoying : doodling in the afternoon

Wondering : how time flies by so fast.
Noticing : my hubby scowling at me for reading ebook from my phone
Loving : Alisa Burke's sketches.
Pondering : what to make for lunch..
Considering : to clean out my wardrobe.
Watching : Community (soo loving it! )

Hoping : to spend more time blogging.
Needing : a small nap.
Thinking : of the good time i had with my friend who came to visit last week.
Feeling : lazy
Buying : some comfy clothes to wear at home.
Bookmarking : sites with crochet baby hat patterns.
Disliking : the weather.. soo hot!
Giggling : at my hubby's weird expression when i started to sing..
Feeling : okay.
Snacking : peanut butter cookies (Yum...)
Wishing : to spend each day productively..
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.. have fun!

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  1. What a great idea, I am a great fan of a list.

  2. Great idea! I feel lazy but i want spend more time blogging too! :D

  3. Such wonderful happenings going on in your life friend! I love those felt plushies and your doodling is beautiful!!!! And you cracked me up when you mentioned hubbies expression when you burst into song!! This is such a fantastic idea!!! Wishing you an outstanding weekend! Nicole xoxo

  4. Well, that was fun! I love everything Alisa Burke does. That girl is so creative! Your doodles are awesome. Has been very, very humid here but better today. Best wishes, Tammy

  5. Your felt pushes and doodles are amazing... Making a list is a wonderful idea...Have a great week ahead..


  6. Those felt cuties and doodles are great!! I enjoyed reading your post:)

  7. The felt plushies are gorgeous! A lovely post :) I've been meaning to clear out my wardrobe for a long time now... it never seems to happen :S

  8. Great idea this list! I need one too. we have a best seller in French : "L'art de faire des listes"
    Have a nice week!

  9. Hi Anitha! Thanks for commenting on my post, I'm so glad you like my blog! Yours looks amazing, you creat so many nice things, and draw incredibly well, too!
    Hope you have a lovely week! ; )

  10. Felt plushies look so cute. Perfect as key chain or bag charm. :-) Doodling is amazing. Enjoyed reading your list! :-)