Taking stock : 002

October 30, 2014

Remember the List i made inspired by Pip from Meet me at mikes?? i skipped doing the list last month and determined to make them at least this October. So here's what I've been up to lately...

Cooking : Chicken gravy and steamed rice.
Making : a little bit of everything (crochet, felt, drawing and quilling).

Reading: Annie's song by Catherine Anderson.
Wanting: a new dress.
Admiring: this beautiful Crochet clutch from Caught on a whim.
Playing: with clay.
Deciding: to learn how to draw Zentangle.
Waiting: for the weekend.
Liking: the fact that two of my good friends from school moved here to Abu Dhabi recently.
Enjoying: the time spending with them during weekends.
Drinking : Watermelon punch.

Loving: the way my neighbor's cute little kid reciting animal's sound.
Pondering: how many days left until i visit India.
Hoping: to make some booties and beanie for my nephew before that.
Considering: tidying the house (it's messy with all my scrap yarns lying around).
Watching: Adventures in babysitting ( love the 80's ).
Needing: a good sketchbook.
Hearing: Christmas songs.
Noticing: My husband mumbling, 'isn't it a little early to listen to Christmas songs?'.
Buying: some craft supplies from Daiso.
Laughing: at this..

Getting: to know how to needle felting.
Bookmarking: a Chocolate burfi recipe from Sharmispassions.
Opening: Pinterest to look for crochet baby shoes pattern.
Snacking: roasted peanuts.
Thinking: i'm terrible at making this list.
Feeling:  sorry for those who gets to read this ramblings of mine :)
Weekend is just around the corner.. have fun my lovelies. XOXO.

airdry clay

Pumpkin season!

October 21, 2014

Seems like fall has started in Abu Dhabi!!!. The temperature is finally cooling down little by little. Morning and evenings are pleasant with slight breeze while the heat is bearable at day time. The fine weather makes it perfect to visit park and beaches in the evening...

I also find myself going out more often than before and noticed all the malls geared up to welcome fall and the summer clothing and accessories are replaced by winter collections, hoodies and sweater (even though it's not that cold).

The fall is never complete without pumpkins, right?? so i made some cutesy small pumpkin charms..

Made these charms using Fimo airdry clay.. The clay was good to work with but the only problem is that i couldn't mix colors to them.. i had to paint the clay after it got dried off..

Also painted some flowers in my sketchbook...

Enjoy the fine weather while it lasts.. Wishing you all a fantastic day! cheers :)


Ombre crochet phone cozy..

October 06, 2014

No matter how many phone cases i make, i always seem to misplace them somewhere.. my last crochet phone cover has been missing for months now and i feel guilty every time i shove my phone carelessly into my bag while going out. So i gathered it's high time to make a new one..

It's a free pattern from Haak maar raak! this pattern uses Herringbone half double crochet and i loved that the stitches look neat and tight compared to double crochet...

Hoping atleast this phone cover lasts longer than the previous ones...

Hoping you guys are having a lovely weather... Happy October!!