Taking stock : 002

October 30, 2014

Remember the List i made inspired by Pip from Meet me at mikes?? i skipped doing the list last month and determined to make them at least this October. So here's what I've been up to lately...

Cooking : Chicken gravy and steamed rice.
Making : a little bit of everything (crochet, felt, drawing and quilling).

Reading: Annie's song by Catherine Anderson.
Wanting: a new dress.
Admiring: this beautiful Crochet clutch from Caught on a whim.
Playing: with clay.
Deciding: to learn how to draw Zentangle.
Waiting: for the weekend.
Liking: the fact that two of my good friends from school moved here to Abu Dhabi recently.
Enjoying: the time spending with them during weekends.
Drinking : Watermelon punch.

Loving: the way my neighbor's cute little kid reciting animal's sound.
Pondering: how many days left until i visit India.
Hoping: to make some booties and beanie for my nephew before that.
Considering: tidying the house (it's messy with all my scrap yarns lying around).
Watching: Adventures in babysitting ( love the 80's ).
Needing: a good sketchbook.
Hearing: Christmas songs.
Noticing: My husband mumbling, 'isn't it a little early to listen to Christmas songs?'.
Buying: some craft supplies from Daiso.
Laughing: at this..

Getting: to know how to needle felting.
Bookmarking: a Chocolate burfi recipe from Sharmispassions.
Opening: Pinterest to look for crochet baby shoes pattern.
Snacking: roasted peanuts.
Thinking: i'm terrible at making this list.
Feeling:  sorry for those who gets to read this ramblings of mine :)
Weekend is just around the corner.. have fun my lovelies. XOXO.

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  1. Anitha I like to read this. I am also like you letting my crafty things all around and at times I used to think if I am not crafting or hooking my house will be neat and tidy. But those crafty things gives me a lot of pleasure and happiness apart apart from the family and other things.

  2. I have got to the stage where a good sort out is needed.

  3. Thanks for sharing the funny bits about crochet, I had a good laugh! : )

  4. :) nice ones. I enjoyed reading it.

  5. Love your rambling sweet friend! And those crochet photos are hilarious! Sounds like you are deep in creativity right now! You are so an inspiring artist! I know I have told you that before but you amaze me for how much you get done and make! Happy end of week to you! Nicole xo

  6. Lovely post!! Those cookies are so cute and I love the crochet doll :) That crochet photo is so apt as well... I'm also hearing Christmas songs, much to my husband's dissatisfaction :D x

  7. Loved the post. That doll is so cute! You've made so many. I'm tempted to try. Is there a link for this one? Or do you suggest something else for the first time?

    1. I made this on my own but it was partly inspired by BB dolls.. although i haven't written down the whole pattern, i'm trying to write them down and make a post about it soon.. will mail you the pattern once i'm done with it..

  8. hello anitha,
    lovely post. the crochet doll is so cute and those cookies,too.
    wishing you a wonderful time,