Taking stock: 001

August 31, 2014

Inspired by Pip from Meet me at mikes, I've decided to take stock every month. It's a fun way to list what's going on with your life at the moment... i love when people make lists although i never made one (except for grocery list, that is). Here goes my first try at it..

Cooking : Roti and chole masala.
Drinking : Apple juice.
Admiring : this beautiful Daisy granny square pillow from Dada's place.
Making : More felt plushies.

Reading : 'Loving Mr.Daniels' by Britainy C.Cherry.
Listening : 'Arms' by Christina Perri.
Wanting : a good sewing machine.
Looking : at my old photos and feeling nostalgic..
Deciding : to exercise at least 15 minutes a day..
Enjoying : doodling in the afternoon

Wondering : how time flies by so fast.
Noticing : my hubby scowling at me for reading ebook from my phone
Loving : Alisa Burke's sketches.
Pondering : what to make for lunch..
Considering : to clean out my wardrobe.
Watching : Community (soo loving it! )

Hoping : to spend more time blogging.
Needing : a small nap.
Thinking : of the good time i had with my friend who came to visit last week.
Feeling : lazy
Buying : some comfy clothes to wear at home.
Bookmarking : sites with crochet baby hat patterns.
Disliking : the weather.. soo hot!
Giggling : at my hubby's weird expression when i started to sing..
Feeling : okay.
Snacking : peanut butter cookies (Yum...)
Wishing : to spend each day productively..
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.. have fun!


A look into my sketchbook!

August 20, 2014

Hello lovelies! hope you are all doing good... It's so hot here in Abu Dhabi especially this month.. There's not a slight breeze even during night times. I find myself spending more of my time indoors drawing while watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Even though i love staying home than going out, i wish the weather changes soon..

Here's one of the page in my sketchbook that i recently finished..

For those who can't figure out what it is... it's my version of galaxy. Hope it looks like one.

We had a sandstorm two days back and the whole place was covered in sand and dust for about an hour. I had a hard time closing my window from the heavy wind..

Sharing wonderful quote by Mark Twain before i leave....

Have a fantastic day everyone :) 


Fun with felt!!

August 09, 2014

You know what my latest addiction is???....  it's making felt plushies. They are fun and super easy to make. I found loads of felt tutorials in youtube and they are easy to follow even for beginners.. most of the plushies i saw on the net are overloaded with cuteness that i can't wait to try my hand at them.

Made this baby penguin plush as i decided to stick with simple one for starters.. You can find the template and tutorial on Happy friends shoppe blog.

 Also added a small ribbon to attach keyring to it. Since it's small, i think it would make a lovely keychain or bag charm..

so what do you think of my penguin plush??
Have a fun filled weekend!