A new look and a giveaway!

Hello people! Hope you all are doing good. I guess most of you have noticed the new look of my blog. I was content with the old one but recently i heard someone mention in fb that my site has some malwares and i have to go check them myself if it's true. I scanned using Sucuri sitecheck and found out it's true indeed. Having no idea of how to remove them i googled for some infos related to it and learned that having a third party blogger templates is one of the prime reason for malwares. There are indeed some new and beautiful templates available in blogger but missing some functionality that i liked. So i end up using another third party blogger template but removed the malware manually using this instructions. Now i'm happy that my blog is free from malware. So if you have installed a third party templates in your blog, i suggest scanning your site using any sitecheck for malwares.
My blog is still a work in progress trying to add and remove widgets and getting used to the new look.

Also i have another news to share.. Recently i hit 1K followers in instagram and so i'm hosting a giveaway in instagram. Visit my Instagram profile  if you'd like to enter or know more details about it.
That's it for now. Have a fantastic week ahead! Cheers:)