DIY paperclip bookmark

Paperclips always come in handy to bookmark important pages in planners/ journals or any kind of books. There are many ways to decorate paperclips such as buttons, ribbons, washi tapes. Today let's make a cute paperclip bookmark using felt material. Keep reading below on how to make them.

Materials needed:

1. Felt material in pink,black and another color of your choice.
2. Paperclips.
3. Sewing thread and needle.
4. Fabric glue.
5. Scissors

1. Draw a cloud shape in a thick paper and use them as a template to draw and cut two pieces of cloud on pink felt.
2. Also cut 2 pieces of small circle in black for eyes and a little rectangle in color of your choice for bow.
3. Sew the back piece of cloud to the top of paperclip.Sew it nice and tight.
4. In the front piece of cloud, add eyes using fabric glue and embroider the mouth using black thread. Pinch the rectangular felt in middle and sew them on side of the cloud head. You can also add blush to cheeks by pasting dark pink felt cut in small circle.
5. Apply a generous coat of fabric glue on the clouds and join them together..

Now your paperclip bookmark is ready to adorn your books and notes. I made a bunch of these and send them to my penpals. Hope you like it. Have a fantastic new moth everyone.


  1. They are adorable such a great idea.

  2. OMG! Amazing :) So cute and adorable :) Love it!

  3. So, so cute !!!!!!!!!
    Have a shinny day !

  4. I love the one you made me,it's my favourite book mark xx

  5. Hello :) Thank you very much for your visit. I really love your blog and ideas :) I should try some of them

  6. Oh, what sweet little paper clips/bookmarks filled with whimsy! I especially love the sweet little cloud winking at me. =)


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