Quilled Earring..

September 30, 2014

While talking to my mom on phone last week, she said that quilled earrings are now becoming quite a rage in our hometown and many liked the quilled card i made for my parents... this urged me take my quilling kit after a long time to make this earring.

I really liked the beehive technique used in some quilled earrings and wanted to try that.. hope it looks like it.. you can find the video tutorial here

Have a fabulous day my friends :)

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  1. Now how cool are those!!! That is just a brilliant idea and yours turned out stunning!!! A bit of fun and whimsy and the quote rocks! Happy day pal! Nicole xoxo

  2. I had never seen something like these, they're amazing! : )
    Have a lovely week! ; )

  3. Beautiful!!
    Have a great week.:*

  4. They are delightful and the quote is quite inspirational.

  5. I love the colour!! beautiful earrings :)

  6. These are so pretty and unique.

  7. Your earrings are lovely. I really like the color and contrast you used with the red and black! I watched the video you linked to but it did not explain what was used to adhere and seal the quilling inside the ring. I would love to know this as I would like to try to make some similar earrings!

    1. Hi Lynn, so happy that you liked it.. i think any craft glue can be used to adhere the quilled paper.. i applied fabric glue at the sides inside the ring and then placed the scrolls. It is good to give a top coat with sealant to make it waterproof.. Many use Crystal goat glaze, varnish as sealent. Even clear nail polish will do the trick.. Hope i helped. Hugs :)

  8. Pretty Pretty earrings....Loved it...


  9. Very pretty earrings!! Will be loved by any girl!! :-) Perfect colour combination too!! :-)

  10. Lovely earrings! I love it!
    Have a nice weekend!

  11. Very very pretty earrings Anitha. I thought of asking about the top coating. But you already have the answer. i have also quilled some shapes but yet to attach the hook part. Will show once it is done.