paper crafts

My first ever Quilling!

October 25, 2013

Hi friends! hope you all are fine.. Though I've been into lot of crocheting lately, i do like to try something new for a change at times.. That's how i came across Quilling.. i was fascinated by this wonderful paper art and had a doubt if i could ever learn them..

Determined to give it a try, i was faced with some problems like a) I don't have any Quilling tool b) no quilling paper and c) not to mention, even a color sheet :(

But that's not a problem for a girl on mission right?  I patiently cut A4 sheets (the only paper that i had at home) into small strips and after looking at some quilling videos, i finally made one!

I painted the background with purple as it would make the white pop out compared to plain white
background... The difficult part was sticking them to the background surface.

I guess it's pretty okay for first time.. what do you think?


I heart it!

October 17, 2013

Hi everyone! I know the valentine's day is not anywhere nearby but i had this insane urge to make amigurumi heart after seeing so many lovely crochet hearts in pinterest...

The problem with me is when i make something i like, i just can't stop at one and have to make a bunch of them!

The pattern is available for free from Ami Amore

There are numerous possibilities what one can do with this heart.. I made a key chain from one of these.

This heart will make a great phone charm and decorative ornament.. so go ahead, make it and show your love to your loved ones by gifting lovely hearts:)


Amigurumi Bumblebee

October 09, 2013

Hola, Amigos! I'm back with another Amigurumi project.. yup can't resist making more of them..
This time i made a small bumblebee.. It's a free pattern from Mohu.. A very simple and quick project and i really enjoyed doing it..

Hope you like my mini bumblebees.. Have fun making Amigurumis.. Take care, adios!