I heart it!

October 17, 2013

Hi everyone! I know the valentine's day is not anywhere nearby but i had this insane urge to make amigurumi heart after seeing so many lovely crochet hearts in pinterest...

The problem with me is when i make something i like, i just can't stop at one and have to make a bunch of them!

The pattern is available for free from Ami Amore

There are numerous possibilities what one can do with this heart.. I made a key chain from one of these.

This heart will make a great phone charm and decorative ornament.. so go ahead, make it and show your love to your loved ones by gifting lovely hearts:)

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  1. So colorful and cute ! would make a very dear gift :)

  2. Replies

    1. Thank you:) your blog is awesome! spent an entire evening scrolling through your posts :)

  3. they are so sweet! I think youve inspired me!

  4. aww.. thank you so much and I'm really inspired by your blog!

  5. These are adorable. Once, when I was recovering from surgery, a friend gave me a little palm size felt heart, and it was the sweetest thing to me. It just said love, and I could hold it in my hand and feel the love. These little hearts would be perfect for spreading love!

    1. That's so sweet of your friend to do so :) sometimes little things like this are the one that makes us feel good and loved :)