Christmas Wreath free pattern

I love this time of the year!  December never fails to lift up my mood. Decorating trees, listening to good old Christmas songs, shopping for your loved ones, the lights, decors and all the festiveness makes me so  happy. To add cheer to this wonderful season, I'm sharing a tutorial on how to make a cute Christmas wreath. Read below for instructions.

Materials needed: 

  • Sport weight acrylic yarn in green and red colour.
  • 2.5 mm crochet hook.
  • Polyester fiber fill for stuffing.
  • 8 mm safety eyes.
  • Small amount of red and white colour felt.
  • Tapestry needle.
  • Strong adhesive glue.

Note: This pattern is written in US English terms and worked in continuous rounds unless stated otherwise. 

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Stitches/ Abbreviations:

R - row/ round.

Ch - chain.

St - stitch.

Sc - single crochet.

Hdc - half double crochet.

Inc - increase ( 2 sc in one stitch).

Dec - decrease ( sc 2 st together).

Sl st - slip stitch.

[...] - repeat the instructions given in between the brackets.

(..) - total number of stitches.



Using green colour yarn,

Chain 30 and sl st to the first chain to form a ring. Make sure not to twist the loop while joining.

R1: Ch 1, sc in the same st and sc in each of the remaining st (30).

R2: [ Sc in next 2 st, inc, sc in next 2 st ] x 6 (36).

R3: [ Sc in next 5 st, inc ] x 6 (42).

R4: [ Sc in next 3 st, inc, sc in next 3 st ] x 6 (48).

R5: [ Sc in next 7 st, inc ] x 6 (54).

R6: [ Sc in next 4 st, inc, sc in next 4 st ] x 6 (60).

R7-15: Sc in each st (60).

Insert 8 mm safety eyes between R6 and R7 with 7 stitches in between.

R16: [ Sc in next 4 st, dec, sc in next 4 st ] x 6 (54).

R17: [ Sc in next 7 st, dec ] x 6 (48).

R18: [ Sc in next 3 st, dec, sc in next 3 st ] x 6 (42).

R19: [ Sc in next 5 st, dec ] x 6 (36).

R20: [ Sc in next 2 st, dec, sc in next 2 st ] x 6 (30).

Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Sew R1 and R20 together by using a whip stitch to pass through both ends.

Stuff the wreath as you go and close and ends.


Using red colour yarn, chain 32.

R1: Hdc in third chain from hook and hdc in each of the next 29 chains (30).

R2-4: chain 2, turn and hdc in each st (30).

Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing. Bring both the ends together and sew them using tapestry needle.

Now pinch the piece in centre and wrap around two or three times using the yarn tail and tie a knot at the back. Do not cut off the yarn tail.


  • Embroider the mouth in between the eyes.
  • Attach the bow at the top of the wreath.
  • Cut small rounds of white and red colour felt and glue it around the wreath.

Your cute Christmas wreath is now ready!

I really hope you'll enjoy making them. Do share you makes and tag me in Instagram with the tag #littleloveeveryday. 

Wishing you all lots of joy and happy moments this December. Hugs :)


  1. This wreath you made is just adorable. Thanks for the pattern to make one. I know my daughter would love this! I hope you are enjoying the holidays.

  2. The wreath is such fun. A cute make, thank you so much for sharing the pattern.

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