Hello friends! Wishing you all a very happy Tamil New year. Today marks the start of Chittirai, the first month of Tamil calendar year. This is one of the auspicious day in South India.
Meanwhile. i had the opportunity to make these colorful octopus babies for an order. Really liked how the project worked up so quickly:) 

These octo babies are made using Berrysprite's  Amigurumi Takochu pattern with some slight modifications.
I have worked 8 Popcorn stitch in circle for the tentacles.

For bow:

In magic ring,  ch2, dc, tr,dc, ch 2, sl st and again ch2,dc,tr,dc, ch2, sl st and close the ring.
Group photo. Cheers :)
Seems like i've lost my creative mojo lately. I do find lots of inspirations but it's more of lack of motivation to do on my part. Hope this feeling goes away soon as i really love making amis. Have you ever lost your creative mojo? If so how did you get it back?
May you all be filled with happiness, prosperity and abundant blessings this Tamil new year!! Have a fantastic day :)