Bullet journal: June

June 29, 2017

Hello lovely people! The monsoon season has started here and we've been getting some decent rainfall lately. The weather is nice and cold which makes me wanna stay in bed and read a good book whereas my little girl hates being confined inside and wants to go out and play. Finally we both would settle to sit nearby the windows and relish watching the rain drops forming ripples in the puddle and the soft rain drenched surroundings. How is it out there? I guess it's the start of summer in most part of the world. Are you guys enjoying the summer so far?

Here's a peek into this month in my bullet journal. I try to squeeze in journal and crafting in the little time i have after my daughter sleeps. So i use lots of pictures and washi tapes to decorate. I did managed to draw a little here and there.

 How do you guys prefer to decorate your journals? I love little adding sketches and quotes. I mostly use color pencils but would like to try on watercolors. Which medium do you prefer to use on journals/ sketchbooks?

Hope you guys enjoyed a little peek into my journal. Wishing you all a happy summer! 

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  1. Hi Anithia I'm loving your journal, I use prismacolor water soluble pencil crayons in my journal. Regards the weather it's supposed to be officially summer, but it's done nothing but rain cats and dogs here in England typical xx

  2. What a wonderful journal, it looks amazing. Congratulations on passing your driving test.

  3. Lovely journal pages! :) I am yet to start my long planned journal:D

  4. oh my... your journal is spectacular - with a glassy quality of a high end magazine! I've always wanted to start a journal and maybe after seeing this I will eventually get a sparkle going?

  5. Love your journal pages! I have lot of catching up to do, I had put my journal writing on hold because of the vacation but now that I am back I should update it. I mostly use sketch pens and color pencils