Bullet journaling

February 26, 2017

               I really love the idea of keeping a journal. Be it a simple journal full of texts or artsy one with lots of pictures and drawings, a journal is a way to record our memories, keeping track of events, and serves as an outlet to our inner thoughts.
               Last year i tried fauxbonichi method of journaling. I also used it as a place to write down some lists, important things to remember but i had difficulty finding those important pages when i needed to have a look at it in a hurry. 
               Although last year journal wasn't a complete success, i'm happy that i tried at the least. This year i wanted to resume my journaling with a few changes and that's when i came across bullet journal. Basically it's a blank journal and you can customize it according to your likes. That's the beauty of it. Bullet journal is a system introduced by Ryder Carroll and you can see the details about it here

You can use any type of notebook but most prefer using Leuchttrum 1917 dot gridded notebook. Since i'm trying this out newly i opted for a much cheaper one with a good quality paper.
One of the important thing to write down in bullet journal is an index. Number all the pages before you start so that you can enter the content and the page where it is in the index. I find this so handy in case i want to search for any specific page. Most write down their intentions/word of the year in their journal. I chose 'Take chances' as my motto of this year as i really wanted to have the courage to say yes when provided with opportunity rather than saying no without even giving it a try and regret it later.

Another important page is calendar, It's easy to write down important events, appointments when you have a calendar in the front pages of your journal

Here are some of my weekly spreads

At the start of each month, i write down events, goals and tasks to do in that specific month. It's easy to have a glance at all of it in one place.

I do try to be creative sometimes and dab in a bit of quotes, pictures and doodles.

 So this is how my bullet journal looks so far. You can create some specific pages that you want to keep track of like books to read, movies to watch, places to go and the list is endless. More of those in my next bullet journal post. You can get lots of inspiration for bullet journaling from instagram and pinterest. There is only one important thing to remember, don't get intimidated by those beautiful journal pages and try to compete with it. Each of us have our own styles and your journal should bring out your uniqueness. Have a fantastic day friends!

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  1. Journal looks beaaaaaaaautiful anitha. Very colorful and interesting.

  2. Your journal is certainly impressive, I love the idea of adding quotes and pictures.

  3. I loved seeing your journal pages, so cute and beautiful :) I always wanted to do but I don't have patience to write down neatly and everything goes on for a short period of time. I just scribble down my task list.

  4. I started bullet journaling middle of last year. I love it I get to plan my day do some drawing set some goals I really love your journal pages there amazing xx