Floral crystal bracelet

May 30, 2016

Hello people! I'm here with another bracelet tutorial in collab with Pandahall This bracelet will make a beautiful piece of accessory to wear on any occasion. Head over below for step by step tutorial on how to make this lovely beaded bracelet.

Materials needed:
Faceted abacus transparent glass beads in color red, orange and yellow.
Small golden beads.
Jump rings.
Jewelry clasp.
Beading wire.
Crimp beads.

Step 1: Take a beading wire of length about 90 cm and fold it into half.
Step 2: Place a jump ring in the folded part of beading wire followed by a crimp bead. Add three golden bead followed by a red crystal bead on either side of the wire.
Step 3: inter cross both wire with a yellow crystal bead.
Step 4: Add three golden beads on either side of the wire.
Step 5: Inter cross the wires using a golden bead, then add a orange bead on either side of the wire and inter cross them using a red crystal bead.
Step 6: add in orange bead on either side and inter cross it with a golden bead.
Step 7: repeat steps 1 to 6 until you get the desired length of bracelet.
Step 8: Finally add in crimp bead, jump ring, jewelry clasp and pass it through crimp bead to secure the clasp.
And your beaded bracelet is ready to wear!

Hope you like the tutorial. Have a fantastic day everyone! Cheers:)

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  1. Such a beautiful bracelet Anitha :) Thanks for the tutorial . Have a nice day !!!

  2. Lovely !!!!!!!!!
    Have a creative day !

  3. Nice bracelet all of the above displyed.I think crystal bracelet is beautiful morethan normal bracelet

  4. FLORAL CRYSTAL BRACELET is best for jewellery on wedding. I ever want to wear this kind of precious pearls on wedding ceremony.
    Mehndi Dresses