Valentine hearts

February 14, 2016

Just a quick post to wish you all a very happy valentine's day ♥

Made this little amigurumi heart using free pattern from Planetjune

Enjoy this beautiful day with your loved ones. Hugs:)



February 05, 2016

              Hello people! January seems to breeze past so fast. I had a wonderful time last month as my cousins arranged for an Indian style baby shower called 'Valaikaapu' in tamil. They prepared loads of my favorite dishes which i ate to my heart's content. I'm always hearing the sound of 4 dozen glass bangles that my relatives made me wear during the ceremony. It is said that the tinkle of glass bangles provide a good acoustic stimuli to the baby inside. And now i'm in my parents home enjoying the final trimester of my pregnancy.

Having no clue of what to do with the leftover yarn, i started making a colorful baby blanket. The blanket uses harlequin stitch and hoping i would finish this project before the baby arrives:) I'm also happy to see that my Baymax amigurumi pattern was featured in Craftingeek website. 

      My mom prepared one of my favorite dish called 'Paal kozhukattai' which is a rice dumpling dipped in a sweet sauce. My days are spent eating delicious foods prepared by mom and taking plenty of rest with a little bit of easy chores and walking. Wishing you all a happy february! Cheers:)