September 28, 2015

Hello lovelies! Hope you all are fine. I've been away from blogging and from internet altogether for the past few weeks. Some exciting and long awaited thing is happening in my life right now and will share with you all about it soon. For now, time for some activity list!!!

Making: Crochet granny squares from scrap yarns.
Reading : Sivagamiyin Sabadham by Kalki ( a tamil historical novel)
Listening: Feels like coming home by Jetta.
Watching: Old classic movie 'Rebecca'.
Cooking: Masala vadai ( south indian snack)

Admiring: all the lovely crochet blankets from Felted button
Bookmarking: Happy Harlequin Blanket
Downloading: Manga reader apps for my phone.
Switching: between Pinterest, twitter and youtube tabs.
Doodling: This cute little molang bunny which i'm currently obsessed with.

Drinking: lots and lots of water!
Craving: for my mom's Biryani
Wanting: to update a new look to my blog.
Looking: for some cool blogger templates to try.
agreeing: with this.. I have to find everything for my Dh.

Wondering: why all the shops are loaded with winter collection clothing although it's still hot in here.
Wishing: for the weather to cool down soon.
Laughing: at this gif

 photo s0PCRRR_zps9sej9pqk.gif

Believing: everything will be all right in the end.
Feeling:  loved and blessed!
Hearing: rumbling of my stomach.
Going: to pounce on my meal as soon as i finish posting this...
Have a wonderful week ahead! Cheers:)

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  1. Wow !!! so many vibrant colors :)

  2. What a lovely post! Looking forward to hearing your news :) All of the food pictures made me very hungry! Hope it's cooler for you soon, have a good week! x

  3. enjoyed reading your post. Are u making a blanket with these squares.

  4. Looking forward to hearing your news. I love the look of your masala vadai, I have never tried that before. The colours of the granny squares are stunning.

  5. Beautiful and colourful squares!!:) I like those Vadas, never made it at home but we do get here in South Indian eateries. Can't wait to hear the exciting thing you are going to share:)

  6. You have been a very busy person. Some lovely crafts in the making. Go see my blog when you can xxx

  7. Great post, I love the man quote. I have a Hubby and two children like that, if it doesn't jump up and wave at them, they can't find it!! x

  8. Those squares are lovely and the vadas look yummy.

  9. I loved reading your post today and I love your colorful granny squares. It's going to be a wonderful blanket when finished!

  10. A lovely post...make me smile :)
    Thanks for your visit !
    Have a fun weekend !

  11. I love croshet :) Thanks your post :)

  12. You made my day with this gif. That balloon and a cat. ha ha. I was laughing so much.