Fruity phone case..

April 06, 2014

Hi friends, hope you are all good.. Remember the Cherry Applique  i made ages ago??? Do you wanna know what i did with it?? look below and you'll know..

A phone case for my mobile!! now my phone will be safe and cozy in it's new pouch...

I also made a watermelon phone case for my sister in law last year but i didn't get time to post..

Finally, i tumbled upon this picture in tumblr. It's so relatable to us fellow chocheter and knitters that i had to share.. how well they know us :)

Have a blessed day everyone!
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  1. Nice pouches. Beautiful Appliques. Very very apt picture for me.

  2. Super duper cute! Especially love the cherries! :) Lori

  3. Hey girl, these are super cute ones!! I am going to be a copy cat and imitate them as soon as i can find time... thanks for sharing!!

    Have a blessed week Anitha!!


  4. I totally understand the FB thing. I keep thinking I'll delete mine since I rarely use it. I love the little phone cozies. I make a new one every quarter or so....such a day brightener to have a cute cell phone cover!

  5. Outstanding job friend! How adorable is that!!!! Happy week to you! Nicole xoxo

  6. Lovely and cute. I went thru all your crochet projects. Nice colour combinations and wonderfully pictured. Great Job

  7. very cute - have finally got to you from the GYB party - love your colour combos

  8. Love the beige colour!! And the applique looks perfect on that pouch!! (y)
    Hope you're having a great week!

  9. Your cell phone cozy looks very sweet !! Cute appliqués :)

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