Abu dhabi finally!

March 31, 2014

Hello friends, after a long wait, i moved to abu dhabi last week! been busy unpacking that i didn't get time to post.. Just beginning to settle in here and exploring all the shops nearby (which is my favorite thing to do). There's still a lot more work to do so my projects are on hold for now..

Here are some amigurumi dolls and keychains i made for my family before leaving India

A small bunny for my sister

 This little duckie for my mom who loves ducks so much. It's a free pattern from The Itsy Bitsy Spider Crochet

These teddy key chains for my brother and two little cousins

Made these from a pattern by  Tales of twisted fibers

Before leaving, i want to share this lovely quote that i came across recently

will catch up with you all soon. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Good luck in your new place, Anitha :) There is always a period of adjustment but I hope all the challenges are small ones. Love the cute little gifts you made and the wonderful quote you shared :)

  2. Good luck settling in! Your creations are just fantastic! And that quote is beautiful! All the best this week! Nicole

  3. Hi Anitha! Glad to know you have some happy changes in your life. I am sure once you get used to a ne wplace you will find time for all the crafty things!
    Your keychains are so cute!:)
    The quote is bursting with positiveness!

    1. I'm hoping for the same.. can't wait to get started on new projects :)

  4. Hi Anitha,

    Moving sure must be tedious... best of luck with the new place. I am sure you will love it, find many interesting stuff and share with us...:)

    Love those pretty little things!!

    1. Moving is tedious and yes i'm loving the new place.. will sure share if any interesting stuff happens:)

  5. I hope your move is blessed. Your creations are very cute.

  6. love the ami, the bunny is my fav! Good luck with your latest adventure!