Ozzy the octopus

August 17, 2013

My love for amigurumi continues and this time i made a cutesy small octopus Ozzy...

Made this octopus with the pattern from Esshaych
I also added a little red hat to make him pretty! what i love about Ozzy is that he's got lovely tentacles..

will be back soon with a new post.. happy day everyone!


Tubby the whale (Amigurumi)

August 02, 2013

I have to admit i never thought making amigurumi would be so much fun and addicting.. these dolls are overloaded with cuteness that i ended up bookmarking loads of patterns to try..

As i'm new to this amigurumi, i was looking for some small but cute patterns to try and that's how i came across this lovely whale video tutorial by Lanas y ovillos
So meet my new whale Tubby:)

I also added two little fins to make him more adorable.

Hope you like him too.. see you soon with a new project.. ciao!


Amigurumi love

August 01, 2013

Hi everyone! I know it's been a long time since i posted anything..  some important things kept me busy and away from crocheting.. but recently i came across some cute Amigurumi patterns in the web and i just couldn't resist trying them..

Armed with crochet hook and battling with the yarn, i somehow managed to finish my first ever Amigurumi! yay!!

made this cute Kitty from this YouTube video.. now.. what shall i name her???

see you all with a new project soon.. have a wonderful day!