And then there were none...

June 10, 2013

While i was waiting for my flight to Sharjah in Trivandrum airport, i got so bored and started checking out the book stall nearby.. Book shops always makes me so happy and there were lots of books to choose..
I love historical romance novels and most of the books in that section were the one that i read already.. so i decided to try a different genre and pick this..

'And then there were none' by Agatha Christie

I've heard a lot about Agatha Christie but this is my first book that i read of her.. I must admit i totally loved this murder mystery novel..
The story is about ten people who were invited to a lonely island only to find out their host is not there.. One by one, each of them were killed and the killer is one of them.. It's so hard to guess who the suspect is.. Brilliant work by Agatha Christie and I recommend it to anyone who loves mystery novels.. Happy reading!

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