My crochet project : Mermaid tears purse

March 09, 2013

           After a very long time, I recently rekindled my love for crocheting.  Just happened to buy some yarns to teach some basic stitches (well, those are the only things I know) to my friend and I was wondering what to do with those yarns..  Then i saw this  Bernat's mermaid tears purse  and instantly fell in love with those gorgeous crocodile stitches!glad that they had video tutorial too because I’m not so good at reading patterns..
          I found it easy to crochet the body of the bag but had no clue how to make handles.. so I took 9 strands of yarn about a metre and half and started braiding with 3 strands in each and then sew it to the side of the bag using tapestry needle..

Got so excited in finishing the handles and the bag that I had no patience to watch the flower tutorial.. so just made a Deco rose (simple and easy!)

Somehow  managed to add lining and zipper to the bag using this tutorial.. i know, mine is kinda messy.

Also made another one and gifted it to my friend and she loved it! handmade gifts do make people smile extra big :)

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  1. hi Anitha,
    I loved your mermaid tears purse. It has come out very well. I would love to make one for myself when i find time. I've made many bags and clutches, but i end up giving everything to others :P Currently I'm working on a sling bag using intermeshing crochet. Will post it as soon as its done . what is your current project ?

    Happy crocheting!!!

    1. thank you so much:) currently working on some clutches using bobble stitch.. looking forward to your posts.. love all of your projects specially those gorgeous ear rings.. have a great day!

  2. lovely bags... me to working on a bag with crocodile stitch.... hope will complete that soon :)

    1. Thank you:)looking forward to see your bag..

  3. beautifully made. This is in my to do list.

  4. Hi Anitha, Both your purses are lovely. You have a very nice blog.


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