August 4, 2016

This and that..

Hello lovelies! Feels good to be back in blogging. Having a baby around means very little time to do pretty much any other thing, So sorry for missing out posts from my blogging friends. I intend to catch up with you all and see what's happening in your world.
I really miss crafting time lately but i do try my best to squeeze in a little time for them when i can. Here's a little crocheted boots and headband that i whipped up for my baby girl.

Recently I've been addicted to drinking cinnamon tea with lemon and honey. Having them along with butter cookies is a great way to start a day.

Received this wonderful package from my fellow blogging friend Joy from We live at the top of the hill So kind and thoughtful of her to include a lovely card and beautiful dress for my little one. Thank you very much dear.

A close up shot of little flower from our garden.

Have a fantastic day everyone. Much love :)


  1. How cute those shoes would look on the tiny feet! The dress is very pretty! Blog can wait, enjoy your time with the little one now. Have a nice day and a great weekend.

  2. The boots and headbands are very cute !! :) Lovely gift from your friend.

  3. Both the headband and boots are very very cute. The gift is nice. Flowers are soo beautiful. Yes, cinnamon tea is really good. I used to drink without honey and lemon.

  4. Cute set and lovely gift !
    Have a nice weekend !

  5. Super cute crochet set ♥ and what a nice gift. Oh yes, tea and cookies are always great! I love them at any time of the day ;-). Happy weekend! Nata xxx

  6. Love the matching bootees and headband. What a delight to receive gifts from a friend.

  7. Wow !! both headband & the booties look soooooo cute :) & the gifts that you got frm your friend looks great... Have a nice weekend :))