One Lovely Blog Award

August 29, 2016

I was given one lovely blog award by the wonderful Anna from Annasimplecrochet She has a very captivating blog that focuses on crafting. I also love her delightful pictures of flowers from her garden. Don't forget to check out her charming blog.

Here are the rules:

7 facts about me:
I'm a shy, introverted person.
I love having talkative people around me.
I find crafting and listening to music therapeutic
Afternoon naps are absolutely necessary for me.
I would like to visit Japan one day.
I'm a stationary junkie.
I love reading books.

I nominate the below beautiful blogs for this award:
Mousimi Roy's Luv for krafts
Lavina Agarwal's Life's little treasures
Safal's SafalArts 
Shami's My craft works

Happy crafting friends:)

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  1. Hey Anitha..thanks for thinking about me dear...nice to know more about you :)

  2. Thanks you for your kind words...
    I'm pleased to know you a little bit reading books too...
    Have a lovely week !