The little things..

March 22, 2016

'Enjoy the little things in life'.
How true is this quote! Among our hectic day to day life, we often fail to recognize the beauty that is all around us. We just have to look for it.
Some of the little things that made me smile/happy this week..

Squirrel munching on food while i took a morning walk around the house

Lovely flowers that bloomed in our little garden

Our pet lovebirds after enjoying a nice bath on a hot day.

Receiving these lovely quilled keychain from my cousin sis who also loves to craft.

A finally a little me time to do what i love:)

Wishing that you all may find such beautiful little things in your life to smile about everyday!

cute notebooks

DIY mini notebooks

March 11, 2016

Hello people! i'm back with a new Diy project for you. Have you ever find yourself having to write down some important things but there isn't a notebook or paper nearby. while phones are useful to jot down these things, having a little notebook always comes in handy. I'm terrible at remembering things and made these notebooks to write down important dates and contact numbers. So i decided to make these mini little notebooks. It's easy to carry these notebooks in handbags while going out too. Head down for the tutorial:)

Materials needed:
1. some A4 sheets
2. chart or lighter card stock
3. PVA glue
4. scissors
5. washi tape/ cellotape
6. paperclips

Step 1: take an A4 sheet and cut it into 4 equal parts
Step 2: now fold the paper in half.
Step 3: repeat this process for other sheets till you get your desired number of sheets.
Step 4: cut two pieces of chart/card stock for the notebook cover.
Step 5: gather all the papers with folded ends together with the card stock on either sides.
Step 6: arrange them nice and tight and place a paperclips at both ends near the spine when you are satisfied with the result.
Step 7: apply liberal amount of glue to the spine of the notebook using Q-tips. make 2 or 3 similar coats again once they are dried.
Step 8: cover the glued side with washi tape or with any other tape.
And your notebook is almost done!!!
Go ahead and decorate your notebook front or cover it with beautiful wrapping papers.
To know how i decorated my notebook look at my Diy bookmarks tutorial. It's simple and easy to do.

You can make these notebooks in any of your desired size
8 or 10 A4 sheets is enough for making small notebooks like this

Hopy you guys like the tutorial. Happy crafting:)
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