Baby octopus amigurumi

May 28, 2015

While many crocheters loves making blankets, scarfs and doilies, i always end up making cutesy little crochet projects and amigurumis. Guess the little girl in me likes cute stuffs and partly because i don't have enough patient to make big projects.

Here's a look at my baby octopus amigurumi that i made recently..

This is a free pattern from Berrysprite but i've modified a little for tentacles. It's very easy to make and can finish making it in less than an hour. I ended up making them in different colors and attached a tiny bow for a more kawaii look.


Getting back on track..

May 14, 2015

I'm slowly finding  my way back into crafting and have to say I've missed this incredible feeling of creating new things and i'm glad i shunned my laziness to do something productive.

Here's a look my new quilled earrings. I love making these as they don't comsume a lot of time and you can make earrings and pendant to match your dress..

You can find the video tutorial on how to make these here