Grow your blog party

Grow your blog party!!

January 25, 2015

It's that time again... to visit wonderful blogs and make new friends and have fun in the process. Ya, i'm talking about Viki's Grow your blog party.. I welcome you all  to my humble blog.
My name is Anitha. I'm a 25 old, married women from south India. I grew up mostly in my hometown called Tuticorin. After marriage, I lived in Sharjah for 2 years and currently residing in Abu Dhabi.

I've been blogging for two years now and i started my blog to share my love for making crafts. Thanks to blogging, I've got lovely friends who shares similar and varied interests and i get loads of inspiration from them.

I love trying my hands at new things and my interests varies time to time.
From crocheting....

making amigurumis,,


felt plushies..

and painting.

I look forward to visit all your blogs and enjoy the party everyone!

Note: I've been diagnosed with Jaundice and the doctor told me to take Complete rest. So pardon me if i couldn't visit your blog today. I promise to visit all your blogs as soon as i get back to blogging.


Joy is...

January 18, 2015

                  .... seeing someone's face light up when you give them a gift.

I'm happy to say that the felt plushiest i made for my cousins were a huge hit. They loved it so much and here's the entire collection of them..

The plush with cute big eyes is inspired by FD forever and i've no clue what they are.. i think they look like Dango.

The lion plush template and tutorial can be found here and here.

Some funky colorful penguins...

And kept this one for myself..

Have a wonderful week ahead.. cheers :)

2015 new year

New year, new start.

January 07, 2015

Hello friends, a very happy new year to you all. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and winter holidays. Sorry i've been MIA for sometime from my blog. Last month went in a hustle with my brother's wedding preparation, travelling to and fro from my in laws and parent's home, shopping for sarees and visiting relations and families. Overall, December was fun and joyful.

It's easy to make new year resolutions but difficult to keep. I'm not good at taking resolutions either, but i'm setting some small goals this year in hope that i'll stick to it.
In 2015, i wish to
Be more creative
Be more kind and selfless
Improve my cooking skills
Read lots of books
Eat healthy foods
Have more fun and
Appreciate life

Wishing you all a very fabulous new year filled with joy, love, happiness and prosperity. Happy 2015!